The Year After: Summer Promotions!

AdrianneNoel_TheYearAfter200The Year After launched on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle edition, on April 18th.  In the last month, a lot of folks have asked: “So how is it going?” “How are sales?” “What feedback are you getting?”

I’ve had a lot of readers say they enjoyed the book, and I’m excited that two book clubs will be reading the novel as their July/August selection. The trick is getting the word out beyond family, friends, and friends of friends. The market is saturated with fiction, especially with more and more authors choosing to self-publish. Many readers are hesitant to try their luck with a new author. But I am slowly getting the word out, and I am doing several promotions this summer:

Goodreads: I have a Goodreads giveaway going on through the end of July. Enter your name to win one of three signed paperback copies. (And remember, if you read the book and love it, consider writing a short review. Reviews help point new readers to books they may like).




Kindle Sale: From July 22-29, the novel will be available for $1.99 on Kindle only (the regular price is $4.99). Also, the novel is always available in the Kindle lending library, for those who use that service.

Indie Author Land: Indie Author Land is a site dedicated to promoting self-published authors. I have submitted my author interview to the site and will let everyone know when it is up.

Indie Author Land

Book Party! Colorado Springs and Denver: I plan to hold two book parties/signings later this summer—one in Colorado Springs, and another in Denver area. I will announce these in plenty of time. So stay tuned .. .

Have a wonderful summer, and Happy Reading!

Adrianne Noel

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